A Game of Thrones, Racism, and Ignorance

Or, Egregious Use Of The Word “Authority” by S.R. Torris

I have heard the praise and rabid fanaticism associated with HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” and, yes, I’ve been told, “I can’t believe you don’t watch it?” and “You have to watch it!” a dozen times. Why not let myself be taken away by a great fantasy story? I’d done it before with the “Harry Potter” series and “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy; this could be another world added to the many I visit during those times when the journey of this world becomes less than hospitable.

So I watched an 18:31 long critique on YouTube (as seen above) posted by a guy who calls himself, “theblackauth0rity”. I clicked “play” and listened to some compelling points, which quelled my curiosity regarding the show. I’d concluded, perhaps it’s best to go to the original source material, the books.

If only I had stopped the video at 7:17 or if I’d just bothered to read the summary: “Black Authority takes a critical analysis of the hit TV show Game of Thrones and the inherent racial stereotypes that run throughout the series. We also discuss how Black society’s lack of literary skills has created this one sided assault, the current crop of Black writers who actually help enable this situation to exist. . . and what we SHOULD be doing about it.”

I would have saved myself the pain in my eyes from rolling them so hard.

We also discuss how Black society’s lack of literary skills has created this one sided assault, the current crop of Black writers who actually help enable this situation to exist…

Is this guy serious?

If you haven’t guessed or assumed, worked out or configured, I am a writer. I am blessed and enriched with what scientists of this planet call melanin, so by the standard of many (including myself) that makes me “Black” – and I am thoroughly insulted by this sweeping generalization of my peers and me. But his insults don’t stop in the summary, oh no, folks! He asks the question, “So why is it no Black author has given us a gripping sword and sandals epic of the magnitude of George R.R. Martin’s novels?” then he answers the question pronouncing boldly, “I’ll tell you why!”

He does tell us why, boldly.

“It’s because Black writers don’t have the literary capacity or intellectual competence to write such a story.”

I do not own this wallpaper

I do not own this wallpaper

Commencing eye roll, jaw drop, “Say what?” sequence in T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Say what? We don’t have the literary capacity OR the intellectual competence? Can it get any more offensive? Why, yes. Yes it can.

“In order to write a story of the quality and gravity of ‘Game of Thrones’, you have to be able to have mastered the English language. But when people tell their kids being able to read and spell is, ‘talking white’, then this is the result. If you can’t even master the dictionary, then you can forget about writing a sweeping fifteen-hundred page novel with compelling dialogue and interesting characters. And more than just mastering the language, you also need to have a knowledge about geography, world history, geo-politics of that era, the cultural practices and societal norms of that time, as well as knowledge of the weaponry and technology available in those ages. But, once again, this is where the average Black writer fails. Because most Black writers have no knowledge of anything other than pimping hoes and hearing women complain about not being able to find a man.” theblackauth0rity


Let’s start with the hero of his story, Mr. George R. R. Martin, shall we? Mr. GRRM, as some of his fans call him, is a fantasy writer. Contrary to the bluster “theblackauth0rity” is trying to force down your throat, the key ingredient needed to write a fantasy story is a vivid imagination. See, there are these things called editors if your writing skills aren’t up to par; they are there to assist you in that area. Your story being an imaginative gem makes the job that much easier for them and I’m sure they’d have no problem working with you on a second, third, or fourth book. Now, if you have no idea how to write at all, but boy do you have a hell-of-a story that should be shared, there are these things called ghostwriters where you tell them the story and they write it down, all fancy-like.

I do not own this image

I do not own this image

What of the geo-politics and geography? Well, we’re talking about fantasy and the fantastic. Just because you’re Black, Chinese, Brazilian, or Filipino does not mean that your story needs to be set in Africa, China, Brazil, or the Philippines. Your character can have an eighteen-letters-long-consonant-filled name, who you decide to call “Tim”. “Tim” could live on the planet Gul’thux on the largest forested continent, Gul’thux Myyur’dak, which in “Tim’s” language means, “the planet’s big hairy brush”. “Tim” could also be at war with the people who live in the great volcano called, “Stiipa’fyor” and thus, the fun begins – oh yeah, “Tim”, let’s make “Tim” a girl. This is how fantasy works. You imagine your own world, your own wars and conflicts, your royal families, your own maps, towers, bridges, and villages. If you need basic knowledge on the functions of government branches, courts; if you are looking for certain weapons to modify or whether firing a disco ball out a cannon will fly along a particular trajectory; if you are looking for the shape of certain land masses, then that’s when you try and remember all the stuff in school you thought you’d never use or go to the library – if you’re an old schooler. Those who are from the new school will hop on the Internet and let their fingers do the clicking; either way, you’re getting the knowledge that you need to enhance the fantasy. But it goes nowhere without your imagination.

Mr. GRRM was lucky enough to allow himself to get lost in all kinds of books, even comic books, when he was just a young boy from New Jersey. As a kid, he used to write his own little stories that he sold to other kids. He continued to write books, eventually got into television writing, and then he concentrated on his “A Game Of Thrones” when he was continually told his imagination was too big for the show’s budget – the show being the “Twilight Zone”. According to an interview Mr. GRRM did for The Telegraph, “…in 1994, he left television to get back to writing a book ‘as big as my imagination’ that he started in the summer of 1991. Two years later ‘A Game of Thrones’ was published, initially to little fanfare.” Notice Mr. GRRM didn’t say his story was as “big as his knowledge of the social constructs of 13th Century Great Britain”! I would also point out that “A Game Of Thrones” was published without the hype and splendor it’s receiving now, which brings me to my next point.

Imagination is a wonderful thing but much to my great disappointment, a lot (not all) of fantasy writers, readers, and illustrators don’t have much of it when it comes to Africans or people who aren’t white. This saddens me because many Black fantasy writers fall in this category either by habit or circumstance. If white supremacy is rampant in the arts of those who are supposed to be enlightened, what chance does the rest of the world have?

I do not own this image

I do not own this image

“A Game Of Thrones” wasn’t the great phenomena it is today, when it was first released.  Guess what? Neither was “The Lord Of The Rings”; it took publishers forever to be convinced that the “Harry Potter” novels were books children would read; and there are “Twi-Hards” walking around today who mistake L.J. Smith’s “Vampire Diaries” as a rip off of the “Twilight” series, when Smith’s novels were published almost a decade before. These are only minute examples of the lunacy that happens in publishing – to people who are armed with “white privilege”. If it’s this crazy for some of your favorite paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy authors, who are white, what kind of pill-popping schizophrenia must Blacks be going through to get novels in those genres published?

One of the most critically acclaimed shows on television was “The Wire” and it almost got canceled in its early seasons. You know one of the reasons why? Because the white viewers couldn’t imagine young Black men as the head of, organizing, and running a multi-million dollar elicit drug operation. The quick thinking producers changed the focus of the show to corrupt politicians and placed the location by the docks, instead of The Hood; it saved the life of the show and they gradually brought it back to The Hood. Those of us who lived near, were involved in, or had family in the game, knew 20 year-old Black kingpins were possible because we witnessed the reality of it. But, you stick a .45mm in an Italian-American’s hand, give him a colorful name, tell him to say “whack” a couple of times, and you have no problem convincing anyone that “Tony” is serious and is going to put a bullet in someone’s head. In fact, many root for him to do so.

art by Alan and Aaron Hicks

art by Alan and Aaron Hicks

But they don’t root for the Black dragon slayer, or the Black wizard, or the Black medicine woman. There are no tears shed for the Black warrior, who oftentimes gets killed early in the story, the Black blacksmith, farmer, friar or the Black King – and definitely not the Black Queen. The drug game is what people, book buyers, seem to understand when it comes to Black “fantasy” or “adventure”. You have a lot of white folks and many suburban Blacks who go on their “ghetto safari” through these books, and rap music is the soundtrack that goes with it. If they loved Tony Soprano, you can believe they are thoroughly entertained by Corey from the block, who shouts he’s “that nigga”, “runs through bitches” and is trying his best not to get “knocked by the man” or let “the game” eat him alive. Just ask suburban kids who’ve never had to sell a drug in their life, how and why they can identify so much with Jay-Z but can’t picture a wizard named Gandalf being Black?

I am not going to knock the hustle of Street Lit and Black Chick Lit authors because they also had to struggle to get to where they are. St. Martin’s Press and other major publishing companies show themselves to be lazy, rank opportunists. People consume Street Lit and Black Chick Lit a lot more than any of them realized. Once word went up the food chain, they swooped in to scoop up an already made package, replete with fans, street teams, marketing and sales, sales, sales!

I do not own these images

I do not own these images

If you have people that are trying to write for a living and Street Lit or Black Chick Lit pays the bills, why wouldn’t they write in that genre? Remember, Mr. GRRM wrote for television as he continued to work on “A Game Of Thrones”. To assume that Black writers only have knowledge of pimpin’, hoein’, bitches complainin’, and churchifyin’, not to mention lookin’ fo’ a man, and that Black writers are only writing about those subjects is presumptuous, arrogant, and dismisses Blacks as being unimaginative dullards. Author, L.A. Banks wrote several books about vampires, vampire hunters, and werewolves. Where was Hollywood? They’ve adapted for the movies and television: “Twilight”, “True Blood”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Interview With A Vampire”, “Queen Of The Damned” – all books written by white authors.

So the broad paintbrush used by “theblackauth0rity” only serves to display his ignorance, begging the question, “What the hell have you been reading?”

Please, do not continue to abuse the word “authority”, or even call yourself one, if you haven’t done the research that you readily accuse us of not doing. I implore you to speak softer for you lack the knowledge that you would say my peers and I don’t have, and I say this with no remorse – your own words damn you.

“That is why practically all Black novels are about people with messed up love lives or messed up criminal lives. These writers are obviously following one of the cardinal rules of writing, ‘write about what you know’ and apparently all Black writers know are hoes, thugs, and churches where hoes and thugs meet.” theblackauth0rity



That might be true of a few Black writers but I will go out on a limb here and assume you are not a mind reader – or a writer. Therefore, you can’t possibly know that a person writing a book titled, “Baby Mamma Blues” is also working on one titled, “Of Dragons, Warlocks, and Mbengo’s Crest”. You don’t know how many times a Black writer has submitted manuscripts, partial manuscripts, query letters, and anything else they could, only to be rejected by Literary Agent after Literary Agent explaining that the Black fantasy writer is, “not what they’re looking for at this time”. You can’t know the frustration a Black writer has when a publisher is accepting manuscripts but the “Black ones” must be Street Lit and you’re sitting on a 600 page pirate adventure with a largely African and Asian cast, just dying to take you on the swashbuckling of a lifetime.

Do you even read as much as you would have us believe, “theblackauth0rity”? If one were to judge, strictly by the content of your vlog, one would think you’ve never heard of Nobel Prize winner, Toni Morrison. If she chose to, she could write horror that would scare Stephen King out of his pants. The surrealism of “The Song Of Solomon” takes you places that many authors wish they could achieve. Walter Dean Myers wrote a wonderful coming-of-age adventure complete with mountains and weapons called “The Legend Of Tarik”. It’s becoming redundant to continue to mention Octavia Butler as a premiere Science Fiction writer but for someone like you, who’s probably never heard of her, I figured I should say something. Sophia Stewart’s work was so good it was stolen from her, made into a multi-billion dollar franchise, “The Matrix”, for which she didn’t receive a penny. The travesty in that is, because she’s a Black woman, many don’t believe her claims even though she has the copyright documents to prove it. You’re probably one of the ones who don’t believe – not enough hoes and thugs in the story for you to scoff at.

I am sorry to say, the lack you speak of is solely your own creation. You let a friend pull you in the hype that is “Game Of Thrones” and began to wonder where the “Black” version was. I know Black authors who’ve asked that question on many occasions, and way before Mr. GRRM decided he would create Westeros and Essos.

Modeling and Costume fabrication by Lee Camara (aka Fev)

Modeling and Costume fabrication by Lee Camara (aka Fev)

When an answer finally resulted from that nagging inquiry, it allowed Black authors to use their imagination to the fullest extent it could take them. There didn’t need to a “Black version” of anything because we would create our own. Anyone is welcome to read, enjoy, and contribute but the characters would be rich, complicated, and not caricatures. There would be no compromise, Black girls wouldn’t be invisible, nor would there be the Black guy who everybody knows is going to be murdered-in-excess by the end of the first chapter. From this renaissance came Steamfunk, Dieselfunk, Rococoa, and your great interest, Sword and Soul. Creative authors like Milton Davis and Balogun Ojetade paint vivid pictures of worlds past, with pleasant and exciting twists. There is “Iniko” by Alicia McCalla. Charles R. Sanders (who looks a little like Mr. GRRM) is the author of “Imaro” and “Dossouye”. “Immortal Fantasy” is by Valjeanne Jeffers and author, Jiva Fang, is working on an epic werewolf tale that is definitely for adults, and will have some Japanese folks checking their lineage for lycans. And of course there’s me, S.R. Torris, author of a dystopian tale (getting ready for relaunch) and Book One of the vampire trilogy, “The Conductor: EXODUS”.

So you see, “theblackauth0rity”, I dismiss your authority and, at least on this subject, the degree to which you know Blacks. In your summary, you asked what we should be doing about what you saw as a crisis of creative and adventurous writing within Black society. Fortunately, I see “Black society” is doing something – good writing. What we shouldn’t be doing is going on baseless rants, which by virtue of your moniker, could be propagandized to be fact. It does nothing but fuel white supremacy and continues to perpetrate the vilest of stereotypes.

“We need to demand more from people who want us to read their books. We need to demand bigger adventures. We need to demand more substantive stories. We need to demand full use of the language and a writer who can describe places and things we’ve never seen before, in ways we’ve never seen them. We don’t need stories that are low class, we need stories that are world class!” theblackauth0rity

Chronicles of Piye by Chris Miller and Richard Gaskin

Chronicles of Piye by Chris Miller and Richard Gaskin

Speaking for Black writers, which I do not make a habit of doing, we demand that if you are going to hail yourself as someone who is accepted as a source of reliable information on a subject, an “authority”, that you at least do a little more than reading the summaries of books with “thugs” and “hoes” on the cover. We demand that you open your mind instead of being comfortable in the old racist self-hating attitudes which allow many to ignore talented Black authors that are self-publishing and being self sufficient on many levels, while pursuing their craft.

Why wait for that Black writer, the same you dismiss as having nothing to write that you would be remotely interested in, to create the story you’re so passionate about reading? Write it yourself. That’s how many of us got started.

But, like the “Game Of Thrones” television show executives you speak so highly of in your YouTube diatribe, it’s easier for you to present a façade than it is to make a real contribution for the betterment of the “Black society” you’re so concerned about.

If, for a moment, you took a good look around, you’d be surprised.

Black writers are already doing it.


29 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones, Racism, and Ignorance

  1. Yes. When you ignore the majority of the world population which is surprisingly not-white as well as females… Well we continue to get eww fiction. Why are we letting white males define us and continue to control things?

    And please, please, please do not write the next Game of Thrones we don’t need more violent, rapist, bigoted books out there. Epic fantasy that actually represents the majority of the population with creative conflicts would be wonderful to read.

  2. I, normally, do my best not to listen to rants like theblackauth0rity because while he is free to have an opinion, it would be better if it were an informed one.

    His breakdown of Game of Thrones was an excellent one and all things being equal, he explains why I don’t watch the show; its subtle racist messages were more than I cared to be bothered with. In that regard he was spot on. But when he began to complain that Black writers lacked the capacity for creation, he crossed the line of good taste.

    There are plenty of black writers out there who are writing a variety of things beyond “urban fiction” of which he spoke so eloquently against.

    As a member of the Black Science Fiction Society (blacksciencefictionsociety.com) I know for a fact there are at least 3000 writers, artists and producers attempting to write, create, design and produce quality forms of entertainment for People of Color, about People of Color.

    So, since I was raised with a sense of propriety which prevents me from completely disrespecting my people in the fashion theblackauth0rity has done in his video, I would like to say your treatment of his video was far more respectful than he deserved.

    Know that you are not alone out there and that his perspective is one that is as out of touch as the people he was berating.

    I am a writer of speculative fiction myself, I know my way around a dictionary, can use a metaphor fairly well and can create a story about a place that does not exist but can make you believe it should. You can read my work at Hub City Blues until I put it into print. (http://hubcityblues.com)

    I dare say, George R.R. Martin’s work may be a singular work of genius, but I intend to give the man a run for his money. He and I come from the same general background but I have military experience, have lived all over the world, learned to speak more than a handful of languages, and have the ability to research anything I want to know about anything I want to know about.

    I figure I am equipped for the task of writing a better series of novels than Game of Thrones. Let’s find out.

    Thaddeus Howze

    • First of all, your name, I’m loving every minute of it. Thaddeus Howze, it rings of, “great novel’s a-coming”! Second, that you for your kind words. Believe me, I was seething but I didn’t want to write a seething commentary, I wanted to let erbody know that we are here and this dude is misinformed and VERY wrong in his indictment of us. I’ll give GRRM his props but he’s not the first person to be made a big deal of because of his writing and he won’t be the last. I’ll be on the look-out for you, Sir, and thank you for your Service.

  3. Here is a perfect example: Famed African-American, award-winning writer Stephen Barnes is producing his first film called Danger Word and has released a trailer of his work today. Enjoy!

    Dear Thaddeus,

    I’m a proud daddy, and just want to share things with you. This is a short film made on a micro-budget with an incredibly talented and committed crew of professionals…and I just can’t help it. The last three months have been an incredibly exciting time…and just wanted you to have a peek!

    Thank all of you for your prayers,good wishes and support. Couldn’t have done it without you!


    Ronin Arts Productions

    2314 Goodwood Blvd
    Smyrna, GA

    • Girl, did I give you the WOOSAH? Did you get your WOOSAH? Because, let me TELL you! I needed a FEW WOOSAHs before I started to write this, I have to say! You know how Jiva Fang gets down and this fool is gonna talk some BS like WE don’t research and can’t write or have no imagination? Yo, let me stop because I’m getting hot all over again and not in the good, Satin Sheets way.

    • No prob. I was PISSED to hear that, especially since I know how much work my own people put into their product and youse guys too. I tried my best not to have a tirade of cussin’! 🙂

    • Wow, ain’t that something? No coincidences, indeed!

      To be perfectly honest, Bruh, regarding the “Black Authority”, I don’t think he’s interested in whether we’re here or not. It just seems like that wants to hear himself talk. I checked out a few of his other videos and he’s a blowhard – couldn’t even get through them. But I am, as I’ve mentioned before, so glad I met you to be exposed to these talented folks out here. Hollywood and all the rest will wake up when it’s too late – just like they did with (like him or not) Tyler Perry. When they won’t even cross our minds, much less we ask any of the studios for a budget to make our movies. Contrary to anyone thinks, that day is not too far off.


  4. Of course GRRM uses stereotypes. Everybody does as a writer. Especially in the case of this story (books) i think that the author breaks with many of them. He tricks the reader into thinking this one is “good” and that one is “bad” and it turns out all different. A very strong and one of the most interesting and morally sane persons is Tyrion who is not a sterotype at all. Remember how you hated Jaime, the shining knight? And then how it changed, how his character learned? The Dothraki are for shure brutal and are portrayed in a certain physical way (“ethnic”) but they were so much better than Vyseris. And very central to all of this:: Danaerys is the person with the DRAGONS she is one of the most important characters in all the story, it carries it along. And Ive heard so many things about sexism in the series. Well, might be that its quite graphic (in the brothels) but really its a lot about womens power and intelligence. There is no white shining knight in GoT. Not one of them. And I have to say in the series there havent been many black persons neither. One was the pirate and but others will come and so well see… I tell you he doesnt use stereotypes in a racial or ignorant way. No, not at all. Maybe, maybe the “slave-freeing” story, maybe that is a little over-done. In my opinion it is not so in the books (at least it doesnt say that they are not blonde). And you have to keep in mind that this story is developing, well see how it all goes on. even those who have read the books cant say ..

  5. I see my name… 🙂 and thank you for it… but more importantly…
    you just blew the back of that fools head. hopefully he DOES have and take the opportunity to read this with an open mind because you basically laid out a map fornhim to expand his own limited ignant horizons.

    • No prob, Jiva FAAAAAANG!! Like I said before, I KNOW how you get down w/the research and the imagination and for THIS guy… Ugh… But the outpouring you all have done, it is AMAZING! I didn’t realize that I had, “RELEASED THE HOUNDS!” on his sorry butt!

      🙂 OK, maybe I did….

  6. Not sure how best to respond. Since, on one hand, ALL artists, groups need critical evaluation of their works.
    However, when implied denigration via portrayal of blacks by other groups is congruent to critical evaluation of black works by black critique . . . then all we have done is created additional problems . . . . zero sum game.

    • Actually, no. Artists do not “need” “critical evaluation” of their work. Not even a little bit. The only evaluation of the work that any artist needs is that of his or her intended audience. Critics are in no way valuable to the process and are certainly not necessary.

    • I watched it and was actually supportive of the points that Chris Miller made. But my bone of contention, also where Chris and I differ in opinion, is that “theblackauth0rity” was trying to attribute the lack of Blackfolks’ success in fantasy, and our negative portrayals, to our lack of smarts and imagination (mostly smarts). That our mind was limited to pimpin and hoein and all of that stuff. Now Brotha Balogun, I used to be a Street Lit detractor too until Milton Davis made a phenomenal point – stop knockin the hustle and learn from it. He was right. I’ve read Street Lit. Some is abysmal and some is actually pretty good and that’s what is on the shelves because the demand is there. The Black Chick Lit and Street Lit hustlers created a demand and now you have Trad Pubs that wouldn’t have given them a second look, running after THEM. And let’s make no mistake, whitefolks are reading that stuff too. We have to create our own buzz AND we have the brains to do it regardless of what “theblackauth0rity’s” self-defeatist butt has to say. Also check this out.

      “Help needed! I just got a call from Salt Publishing UK. They want to make a deal with me basically taking my whole vampire series + witch series under their wings. Someone found my book in London Book Fair and got excited. They’re talking about a mini series on TV etc. I’m literally freaking out here. Anyone working with them? Should I run or sign?” This is phenomenal news for this author (who I’ll leave nameless) and I’m sure she deserves it. I’m happy for her! Someone found her book in a London Book Fair, checked out the rest of her series and wants to get down w/her. Now, how many BLACKFOLKS can say that w/their cast of all Black, Asian, maybe even Hispanic characters, in a well written sci-fi or fantasy story, that out of the blue a publishing company wants to go all the way to the top w/them? Yes, the company IS legit.

      Chris Miller, is so right, we do have to get our weight up, but we also nee to be aware of the burning metabolism that is against us so that we can perform accordingly.

  7. Oh Yeezus. Wait. Jesus was Arab.
    Props mate. A friend. For mer. Just handed me Capitalist Nigger* like it was a self help manual.
    I have a job and a 2 bed flat. Like seriously? What is this self hatred prevelant in so called “Black Spokesmen”

    *[Note: The bold italics have been added by the author of this blog. “Capitalist Nigger” is actually a book whose full title is “Capitalist Nigger: The Road to Success, a Spider-Web Doctrine” Dr Chika Onyeani. No other additions have been made to this reply. Thank You.]

  8. I’m going to agree with theblackauth0rity. Because before the statement “So why is it no Black author has given us a gripping sword and sandals epic of the magnitude of George R.R. Martin’s novels? I’ll tell you why. It’s because Black writers don’t have the literary capacity or intellectual competence to write such a story.” he preceded with this poignant statement.
    “Where are some black writers to give us a Black version of game of thrones. Africa is the place that brought the world language, math, science, metalworking and military strategy.
    From Mansa Musa to Hannibal Barca, we have had Kings and Warriors that would make Game of Thrones look like the poor side of town, and unlike Game of Thrones our icons are real.”

    George M Martin had free access to many stories from all over white civilizations to amalgamate into a super-epic.
    Black Americans are just now getting their African Language, Roots, and History Books (the ones that weren’t burnt during the Black Holocaust) back into mainstream discussion.

    And to be quite frank, from that list of books that were listed it seems you obfuscated that point on Africa as THE Source for literature on purpose, because of all of the stories listed only Piye features a real African hero (people who don’t know of him, seriously look him up). Imaro is an entirely made up character & is not on the level of Game of Thrones.
    I have the book and it is Pulp Fiction Adventure, think Conan.
    It was also Cancelled.

    Unfortunately Africa as the source is the most important point of all. Would Game of Thrones have existed without MacBeth/Thor/King Arthur etc?

    Black people are stepping up the historical Africa genre, but it takes years of devotion to travel and reading to uncover the hidden stories and we should encourage each other to step up.

    AND EMBRACE AFRICA. In it we have billion $$ franchises, from Yu Yu Hakushos to Dragon Balls and Mickey Mouses, our Pirate Tails & Knights vs mythical dragons, were-hyenas & ogres, King Arthurs that were made years ago and are historical rather than pure fantasy. We also have our own vampires, giants, fairies etc. Africa is a giant and the most ancient inhabited continent.

    I possess Chris Miller’s Chronicles of Piye. I will not be checking for black people playing white tropes such as oversexed entities, were-wolves and vampires or blacks as colonial pirates. Our works should have a historical and African tint to reach the target audience and lay claim to something Hollywood cannot steal and twist.

    IE Imhotep as an evil white Arab & the Medjay as one-word speaking white Nubians. I’m doing my own pain-staking research but it is very rewarding. Peace.

    PS I probably should have mentioned this first.
    Also HIGHLY reccomend supporting Greg Walker’s Shades of Memnon! He said its the African version of Lord of the Rings, and does not disappoint.
    While the black vs white symbolism was taboo & slightly offensive, to “the mainstream”. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and found it to deal with great subjects such as xenophobia, overcoming rape, spirituality tradition family and magical swords & fantasy.
    Facebook Friend Greg Walker as well.

    • Um, OK……….

      What can I say after that? There wasn’t an attempt to inveigle, deceive, OR obfuscate Africa and it’s wealth of material. Writers all over have been lifting from the Bible since it was first printed and that entire work was based in and around Africa.

      It is your choice not to check “for black people playing white tropes such as oversexed entities, were-wolves and vampires or blacks as colonial pirates” but in Africa there is tribal folklore, which speaks of succubi and shapeshifters. When we further explore African history, not only will we find great African sailors, there were those of the diaspora who became pirates, as well as sailors who helped win naval victories during the Revolutionary War. “White tropes”? Hardly.

      Africans and we in the diaspora, are not monolithic. You’ve got pirate captains, gods and goddesses who disguise themselves as leopards, great warriors decimating entire British regiments, as well as vampires, werewolves, and guys who shoot electricity from their eyes. There are a lot of us, which includes the minute list of authors above, who are expressing our vast imaginings, whether it be historical fiction or complete adventurous fantasy. Some are good, others are better, and we are more than capable producing great literary work regardless of what any white OR black “authority” may try and propagate. That was my point.

      I’m afraid I don’t truly understand yours.

      Thank you for introducing me to “Shades of Memnon” by Greg Walker. It sounds interesting and I’m going to definitely look into it. Peace.

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