Here! Here I AM!

Hello my good people. The news of my demise has been greatly exaggerated and I- oh, please! Let me stop there.

Life, folks, throws you for a loop, and you either go hurtling into the atmosphere where gravity chastises you for being so far up and immediately pulls you back to the ground, where you come in hot, causing you to catch aflame while you create a sonic boom that knocks out windows in buildings and scares people (sorry, Russia) as you crash to the Earth making a nasty human fluids paste on the ground.


You put some bacitracin on that really scary looking road rash life has gifted you, dust yourself off, elude the Russian authorities (REALLY, sorry about that), and get back to blogging and entertaining those who actually care. Plus you finish your books before your angry loyal supporters show you that some of Stephen King’s stories, aren’t just stories.

I appreciate all of you who have been supportive and am anxious to see what this lovely turn of events brings forth. Andiamo!


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