Or Same Great Taste, Less Typos! by S.R. Torris

“With the crush of vampires on the big screen, the little screen, at your local bookstore, Kindle, knick, knack, or Nook you’d think that vampires are the hot new thing, sweeping the world off it’s feet one blood drop at a time. But they aren’t.

People have been telling tales about vampires since Vlad “The Impaler” (cool wrestling name) so you’re talking at least the 1400’s here. Then you have that cheesy silent film but with cool camera and lighting for its time, “Nosferatu”, done in the 1920’s – people are still writing, filming, and talking about vampires today. The love (or hate) never died.” – SR Torris, July 2011

There I was, a little anxious, a little excited and a lot of relief. After I’d written my first novel, which wasn’t that far north of 200 pages, I wanted to expel another story from the chaos that I often call my mind.

So I said another silent prayer before starting this adventure, “Please let me write more pages than Snooki, please let me write more pages than Snooki!”

My prayers were answered – in abundance, in fact. So many words came out that I actually couldn’t finish the story in one book – I knew I would have to make a trilogy, a vampire trilogy.

And before you moan, groan, and roll your eyes you should be made aware, this is not your granddaughter’s, kid sister’s, or bratty little next-door neighbor’s kid kind of vampire trilogy – nobody sparkles and people cuss. And would you believe, blood is sucked right out of a not-so-willing participant’s body, by a vampire!

Of course, during my novel writing experience (particularly since I’m a novice), I’d come to the realization that I had to publish the book myself, and I did thanks to Then I closed my eyes scrunched up my face and braced for feedback; it was quite positive. I made sure one of the key players of the anti-sparkle vampire movement perused my tome. Turns out she was thrilled by it!

However, darkness lingered over the horizon and the dreaded “BUT” was coming to call. Through all of the good one thing was becoming obvious, “Excellent story BUT too many typos.” Much to my chagrin, the “but” was a valid one.

I said farewell to the lovely people at (their formatting had changed too much for me) and waded my way through the set-up that is Createspace – who is cousins with Amazon, who’s Kindle’s baby momma.

But seriously, folks, “The Conductor: Exodus” is re-submitted for you approval!

The Conductor: EXODUSBy S.R. Torris

The Conductor: EXODUS
By S.R. Torris

Frederick Duval’s presumption that his lover, Jane, is dead sends him on a rampaging mission to destroy every vampire on Earth – of course to do this, he must become one himself.

1857: Hep, a slave, has a dangerous secret he wants to share with one person, Jane. A slave revolt gives him the opportunity to reveal it, damning her forever.

2010: Kaya De LaCroix has been nominated to be a “Conductor” in her fiancé’s coven. Kaya thinks it’s a simple ceremony performed by zealous occultists but her fiancé isn’t a mere vampire nut…

Paths collide and the suspicious Ramel Jackson, carries a secret that ties him directly to – Frederick Duval!

The past comes alive converging on the incident that will forever alter the lives of everyone!

“The Conductor: EXODUS” is the first book in the “The Conductor” vampire trilogy by S.R. Torris. “The Conductor: EXODUS” is currently available on Createspace and Amazon. For a limited time, you can also find “The Conductor: EXODUS available for the Kindle for only .99 cents!!


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