Offended Too

Or, This One Was Hard by S.R. Torris

This was difficult. I kind of knew it would be from the start.

First, you have Common. In my attempts at creating something as remotely engaging as his “The Corner”, I have a newfound appreciation for this man’s genius. It’s the reason why I cannot understand the worship of some of the menial entertainers that pass off what they do as “talent”. Ah, I digress…

For those who may not know, Common is an Aquarius – like yours truly. It has been my observation that we are prone to some creative wordsmithing, good or evil, which should have given me pause before I did this. But no, I plowed on, diving deep, wondering how the heck I managed to sink in this mire of rhyming sounds and words. Hey, did you folks know there’s a thing called a “Rhyming Dictionary”? Do you have one? I don’t. Your eyes can get real dry staring at a blank computer screen as you take leave of your entire vocabulary and you can’t think of one word that rhymes with “air”.

Next, there are the Last Poets and they need no introduction, nor explanation. Now, if by happenstance you have no idea who the Last Poets are, I suggest to you what many a young Internet aficionado have often advised me to do: Google them. I kind of like Bing, myself.

Then there is the incomparable Jordan Chaney, who glides over stanzas and heavenly similes and metaphors like a ballroom dancer. He’s the reason I decided to write this poem, a sequel to his powerful, “Offended”.

When my homegirl, Cassy Freeze, a pretty decent writer in her own right, said that she appreciated the “remixes” I’d done on this blog (or was it my Canadian Boy? I know DJ Reality made mention…) that got me in the mood to attempt another one. What better way, than to pay homage to women of all stripes, but particularly Black women?

So Cassidy, DJ Reality, and you too my O! Canada, this one’s for you – Happy Women’s History Month.

Now diggit!

“The Corner” by Common feat. Kanye West, The Last Poets. I do NOT OWN this material.

“Offended Too” by S.R. Torris

[First Thought]
Reflections on lessons in complexions, beware.
Mothers and Sisters despair
Each minute of every year.
Got experts that speak but they don’t bother to hear,
It’s too much to bear,
The fear is real
And it’s there.
When they stop and they stare,
All they do is compare.
I am damned if I do or I dare.
It’s very clear
They don’t really care.
We give all we can spare
And they keep talking shit like we ain’t even here.
Our minds
Ain’t ours, expressing feelings are rare.
Played fair with adversaires,
Put a perm in my hair.
Took bruises, they glare,
Just to get me somewhere.
The past made me prepared
That’s why I ain’t scared.
Can’t dismiss all the myths, with the masks that we wear
To hide the fact
Our lives are judged and unfair.
Stand as a prisoner in the middle of a big iron square,
With savoir-faire,
Cause I’m that breath of fresh air.
I’m a woman.

[The Hook]
I’m best when defending my view.
And yes, I’m offended by you.
I’m a woman and I’m crying, laughing, grinding
Just to raise the children, y’all!

[Spoken Word]
Banished to the Black Girls’ Section
Where objects are checked in, by pirates and rapists
Pillaging topsoil complexions and hair like treetops;
Vast green Afros stretch for miles and trunks and limbs
Lifting toward the heavens screaming tortured Hallelujahs!

[Second Thought]
Those guys and these guys.
Cats telling sweet lies,
To get between these thighs
They say that they despise.
But yet they still devise
Their plans for our demise
With all the toys he buys,
And things that she buys.
I’ve come to realize,
Some will be spies
Put blame on the streets, for their lows and the highs.
Say what you say
But who’ll care when she cries?
Kids holding heat,
When they shouldn’t be heat-wise.
Yet she tries,
Doing what she can do so we rise.
Coppers and Judges, make bows with neat ties.
Bitches we drive,
Queens must we strive?
Down the knees dive,
Change the disguise!
A woman,
The feminine reprise,
We stayed strong whether Brown, Hazel, Blue or Green eyes.
Who’ll root for me when that piece of me vies?
You think we’ll be good
When roots of the tree dies?
A woman.

[The Hook]
I’m best when defending my view.
And yes, I’m offended by you.
I’m a woman and I’m crying, laughing, grinding
Just to raise the children, y’all!

[Spoken Word]
A woman torn between being who she is and
The pious whore we wish her to be.
Breast milk spills on cracked concrete,
Watering weeds,
Choking Hottentot breach births’
Dreams to dust.

[Last Thought]
Black American,
There again,
Walking across the air and then
Battling with my brethren, Seraphs and
Fallen Cherubim.
The world isn’t just turning and
Seems we’re the one who’s burning, fam.
The bloodletters
Worship the false gods
And the money vans.
I take shots,
I’ll be called a man.
No matter cause,
Beauty won’t be left in someone else’s hands.
We raised Kings
And Queens,
And traveled foreign lands.
You gave birth to Earth it’s time you take a stand,
Black woman.

[The Hook]
I’m best when defending my view.
And yes, I’m offended by you.
I’m a woman and I’m crying, laughing, grinding
Just to raise the children, y’all!

[Spoken Word]
I am Lilith, I am Eve
I am Nut, swallowing the Universe
As it passes through my body, giving birth to galaxies,
The Alpha and Omega.
I am
Black woman.


2 thoughts on “Offended Too

  1. (*audience leaps to their feet, the staggering cacophony of applause rolls through the stadium. A chorus of ‘damn, that was the…’ can be heard hear and there over the screams and whistles. The chant, “Encore” rises up from the back and rolls forward, building in strength until S.R. Torris is forced to return to the mic*)

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