I Am In Need Of Assistance (cont.)

Or, A Collaboration Is In Order by S.R. Torris (and others)

Chapter 5 Contributed by J.G. Langejans:

If you were to look in on the mind of David you’d see a very confused individual. His friend LJ was there in his mind, as was visions of his father on the night that he died. Women that he’d dated and had sexual relations with also dotted the street corners of his mind. He’d been cured of these visions once, electroshock treatments, and a heavy drug regime had been the aids in that battle. He fought this once, and it had only taken the slightest of pricks and he was back in the land of confusion. The land of nothing.

His pockets were empty, and sown shut his mind a myriad of opening and closing doors, a hallway of pain and joy. He saw LJ on the beach, he saw his father’s stark eye through a peep-hole, he saw, a warehouse, with a group of people, he stopped. That was real he felt, real enough that is, he could see LJ, not the young dark skinned youth of five years ago, but an older crustier version. He could see Bernice there, and his date from all those nights before. Yes this was real.

He could smell the room, he could hear the murmurs of the people in it. He could smell their sweat, he could hear their hearts beating in their chests. LJ’s knee made a funny clicking noise when he bent it, and he could see the man’s gun slipped beneath the calf of that leg. He heard the word that had sent him back into this endless tunnel of pain and regret. The Walker. The Walker.

Had it all been a bad dream, all those years ago, when he and Abigail had stood side by side and fought the hideous creature. They’d stood for truth and justice, and revenge for the creatures murderous rampage. They’d killed for their father, or so they had thought, but now, LJ was saying it was back. How could that be? Would he be able to defeat it again, this time without his sister? She’d not come, surely, his last meeting with her had spelled out the end of their relationship.

What was he to do? Should he open those heavy lids of his and listen to these people try and convince him to come back to the business of monster hunting. Come back and unleash his powers once more on the world, the consequences be what they may. He felt that he could not, his tendency to destroy and the depression and lost feelings being the last things he wanted back in his life. He didn’t want to go back to sitting on the edge of his bed for hours staring at nothing, or holding the window open looking to the street below thinking that if he fell just right he’d die. All of those thoughts and feelings had been so distant mere days before. Now he could feel them closing in on him.
The Walker, the father killer, the enemy… He couldn’t be back, could he? Would LJ be able to help, or would he just be in the way, what about Bernice would she use her powers for good this time? Would his new girlfriend? She’d been able to fool him for quite some time, what was her power? The curiosity got the better of him, and he opened his eyes, let the monster games begin!


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