Tired Of These B*tches!

Or, Where Have All The Black Girls Gone? by S.R. Torris

I must make this comment, I have some interesting, creative, and supportive friends. And I’m not saying it because I’ve been threatened with manglement of my appendages or an unauthorized lobotomy or anything as gruesome as that. I laud these great people in my life because they deserve as much, even with the image of a wood-chipper, duct tape, and feathers lodged firmly in my mind.

Don’t ask…

The great DJ Reality, a friend of mine if I may name drop here, saw the last post I did and thought of me so she sent me this:

Well, Lupe Fiasco being Lupe Fiasco did a magnificent job on addressing the gaudy, showing off, cooning and buffooning, blackface, mistrel show rapper with Hotentot Venus accessory. There isn’t a thing I’d be able to really do with this.

So I thought…

I thank DJ Reality for showing me this awesome video, and cool song, and thanks to Lupe Fiasco for the subject matter. I ask that you all bare with me again as I present my “remix” to Lupe Fiasco’s, “Bitch Bad”. Enjoy…

“Black Bitches” by S.R. Torris

They say,
Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Act One
Gonna take you back to my day, eighty-five, eighty-four.
When they would spit it with that Golden Era flow.
And your song came on and you said things like, “Word is bond.”
DJs would rock it to the break of dawn, or early morn.
Now I can’t really tell you when
Things got vexed.
But let’s just say situations got a little complex.
How rappers are treating
Black women these days.
It’s been a while since somebody uttered this phrase,
“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”
“Self destruction.”
Let’s fight the power and get loose!
And regular girls were in videos
Dancing and prancing and some romancing,
While the fellas kept on glancing.
What the fuck really happened here?
First, they cutting those dark girls out the picture fast and furious,
And cause it’s everybody for themselves,
The Brown girls ain’t gone help, the cards are dealt.
So they turn their face the other way,

Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
(Why y’all want to be bitches?)
Uh, tell ‘em
Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
They misunderstood
(Why y’all want to be bitches?)

Act Two
Now back to what Lupe’s talking about,
Girls nine through twelve,
On the Internet watching videos
Listening to songs by themselves.
And the Black one is embarrassed,
Cause the bad bitch is the one who’s fairest
And this is something she could never tell her parents.
Now on that Internet, you got some content uncensored
And young girls are so gullible,
They walk around here not mentored.
When beauty’s the equation, there always will be some relevance.
Their little girl intelligence
Is torn by rappers’ preference.
“Light bitches, bright bitches, white bitches. [Ooo, yeah, white bitches!]
“That’s all I want and all I need in life don’t want no dark as night bitches.”
You know they’re concentrating on him,
Even more on the video girl giving in to unrealistic whims.
Ah yes, it gets deeper.
High heels.
Fake hair.
Fake booty.
Light skin.
Reality checked me.
I’m not trippin.
They don’t care that she’s an actress,
Just that she’s the bad bitch.

Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
They say, they say, (Oh, y’all want to be bitches!) they say, they say, they say, they say!
Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
[You’re the greatest!]
(Why y’all want to be bitches?)

Act Three
Warning: This author, S.R. Torris
Is not using skin as a weapon,
But as a lesson in complexion.
Rap accesses your mind
Creating gross misconceptions.
Indiscretions, rejections;
It’s heinous misdirection.
When coming up all girls were beautiful.
And Black men stepped up cause they were dutiful.
When the question was asked,
Who runs this world?
Never thought the answer said to me is
An exclusive club for white girls.
But Black thinks she’s the bad bitch
And Brown thinks she’s the bad bitch.
When all the while they’re good girls, fascinated with that asterisk!
They got an idea,
She’ll let him fuck her!
He thinks that idea’s great,
Just as long as it stays undercover.
Girl I can’t be stressed like that!
Rep dead cause you ain’t Half-Black!
Locks, ‘Fro, and a press that’s wack,
I’m sposed to be impressed with that?
You’re still Black!
It’s quite simple, the conclusion:
Bad bitches are reality
Instead of the illusion.
But she’s heard these words before,
“You’re pretty and you’re smart,”
Then here comes that asterisk,
“I mean, to be so dark.”
She knows bitches are animals but what is she to do?
Acquiescent to the savagery of her Catch 1 thru 22.

Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
They say, they say, they say, they say, they say, they say!
(Y’all don’t have to bitches!)
Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
Thought you understood.
(Girl you know you’re not bitches!)

Black bad.
Brown good.
White much better…
You misunderstood!
You misunderstood.
(Getting rid of these bitches.)
White cool.
Brown good.
Black together…
Every neighborhood.


6 thoughts on “Tired Of These B*tches!

      • I am growing into my craft but fiction is my home; you wield the non-fiction with Gandolf level mastery. (okay, how fangirl was that?, lol). Seriously, I think you’re a terrific writer and I’m all about seeing your name on best sellers lists so…let’s get to writing shall we?

      • Ah! Well then I must forward you some fiction! Now looka here, now, aint nuffin wrong w/a fangirl! Especially since we and you KNOW I we don’t get the fangirl credit we deserve! Oh they gone let us pass or someone will be falling into a fiery pit with the Balrog and it WON’T be us! Can ya diggit?

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