Niggas In Paris: Act III

Or, I Like The Song, Say Something Positive by S.R. Torris

I have to admit it is a cool song, as it says, it “gets the people going” – title aside.

But one day while conversing with my, Brother Marco, I was made aware of the excess and overindulgence in the face of excess poverty. Surely, they are only two guys who were in the grit and grime not so long ago, expressing their joy at being part of, uh, well the 1%…

Balance, that’s what others had to say. You can’t be taking worldwide jaunts, staying at the finest resorts and hotels, partying on the best yachts, then throw a few shekels at the hood and say you run it – you feel their pain. Street cred was pretty much shipped overseas when your drove your Bugatti at high speeds across the Audubon.

That song is so catchy…

“Niggas In Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West from the album “Watch The Throne”

But then Yasiin Bey or as some of you may know him, the Mighty Mos Def, placed his own opinions on that “…Paris” beat and well, it just exploded! I listened and liked his version too, even found myself saying, “Oh, I would’ve said this instead of that. I would’ve sat that! This is HOT!”

“N.I.P” by Yasiin Bey

So instead of  continuing to say how I would do what I would do or write how I would write I just decided to throw my hat on in there. You know the sound, here are the words – indulge me.

“N.I.P Act III” by S.R. Torris

Flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.

So you flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.
Now you gotta look behind you.
What’s fifty grand to a muthafucka like you?
Oh, they will remind you.
Flaunt so hard…
This shit crazy!
Does she buy Vuitton or feed her babies?
Leave the kids with her Mom, strip at the club, where it rains daily.
Flaunt so hard…
The end’s near.
They still broke and shit ain’t fair.
Flaunt so hard…
But who cares?
They see the gwap and you right there.
Psycho, they bout to go through bodyguards,
So take your pick.
Big Chains, Car keys, Black Cards
Run your shit.
Flaunt so hard…
Chicks suck cock, just to sit inside a Maybach.
All the kids that’ll lose their arms so you can floss with them big rocks.
Flaunt so hard…
It’s bad for you,
Cause you don’t know what those goons’ll do
You escaped, they aint escape.
You The Man? They say fuck you too!
Flaunt so hard…
We too jaded.
Block six for six-six days.
French models, exotics, all them from the magazine page.
Flaunt so hard…
Bitch behave, you know that you aint the right shade.
Crème fraiche, Champagne, and white girls,
All day!

Flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.
That shit cray. That shit cray, that shit cray.
Flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.
That shit cray. That shit cray.
That shit cray!

These young boys are getting restless at the mall.
They see the stores and they wanna grab it all.
They jumped a brotha in the bathroom stall.
Cause he was flauntin, didn’t wanna take it off!
Flaunt so hard…
That shit cray [that shit cray].
Ain’t it Bey?
Flaunt so hard…
What she order [what she order]?
Fries and fish filet?
Flaunt so hard…
My heart got cold, don’t test me, mayne.
Flaunt so hard…
Just act like you never wanna see a muthafucka like me again.
Bougie girl, grabbed her hand,
Just cause she thinks she can do my dance.
Fuck that bitch we aint in France, for real.
I’m just sayin.
Gwyneth Paltrow aint do it right if you ask me.
If I was her,
I’d leave them niggers right in Paris!
Converse with the killas.
The drugs from real dealers.
My debt’s getting bigger.
Who the fuck is Margiela?
Doctors say I’m the illest,
But I aint got no insurance.
It’s the niggas in projects
That make them urban guerillas.


“Now that we’ve taken our seats in the front of the bus,
does our Father, who art in Heaven, still see us as the
cursed children of Ham?” -Thomas Allen Harris

Flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.
Flaunt so hard muthafuckas wanna find you.

This is the Government’s throne.
Stay out the 20ft zone.
Stay out the 20ft zone.
Stay out the 20ft zone.
Here comes the Silent Blue Line
Where kids are out here dyin.

I ain’t snitchin, man, that’s wrong!
You know how many snitches out here is gone?

Stay out the 20ft zone.
Stay out the 20ft zone.
Stay out the 20ft zone.
Stay out the 20ft zone.

The Feds is in the building
Grabbin up men, women, and children
And you know they bout to kill them,
WikiLeaks has just revealed it.

All them whips and shit is gone.
You’re in the 20ft zone.
You’re in the 20ft zone.

You’re definitely on your own…


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