An Open Letter To The Ku Klux Klan

And Republicans, and the Tea Party, and Democrats, and Libertarians, and Independents, and American Neo Nazi Groups, and Liberals, and… by S.R. Torris

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Karma is a Chinese Hip-Hop bitch and she speaks Spanish.

It’s true. And no matter how much rhetoric you spew or whatever else you’re trying to do to fight it, give in; you’re going to have to learn how to speak Spanish too – and Mandarin. Mandarin is a tricky one. English, as we speak it here in the United States, is composed of 26 symbols but Mandarin has over 300, doesn’t it? Being of superior intellect, I’m sure you all can manage.

So how in the holy hell did you drop the ball on this one?

If I may offer my observation, I would say the answers lie in the lies. Sounds prolific, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t, really. I’ve been told that it’s easier to tell the truth than it is to lie about something. And I used to feel that way of thinking was a bunch of hogwash. Anyone who would say something so ridiculous was the victim of a lie and didn’t realize they were being lied to until it was too late.

But then I started lying – a lot, and I have to tell you, it’s a full-time job. The little, and you should appreciate this, white lies, were nothing compared to the stress of having to remember tall tales. You need a team for those kinds of falsehoods and I don’t have a team. So now I resort to telling the truth, which makes for a lot more peace in my life, unless the truth that’s being told doesn’t want to be heard. Sometimes that happens but the truth is so much better than lies.

Lies have a way of crumbling.

I Do Not Own This Image
Since the end of the Civil War, you’ve spent all your time and energy on maintaining one particular lie: Black people are nothing more than animalistic objects, childlike beasts of burden that need to be groomed and controlled by superior people – the superior people being you, of course.

There was lynching, coercion, redlining, corruption and that was after the wonderful period in American history we call Jim Crow. All of it was justified by silly laws, some of which were only recently removed from the books, and enforced by the might of the local and state police and the fire dousing hoses of the fire department. Funny how the hosing down children technique is used in these modern days to control crowds of mouthy kids protesting whatever hippie crap they’re talking about today. They don’t use fire trucks but the premise is the same and those demonstrations are choc-full of your progeny. Ah, but I digress.

No, not really. Your progeny are at the center of this conversation. While countless dollars were spent dumping drugs, guns, and venereal diseases like syphilis in urban (read Black) neighborhoods or offering little to no assistance for those who need help in rural areas (read Black farmers) your kids were becoming intrigued by the looks and sounds emanating from concrete jungles across this nation; oh, and about 11 million people slipped into the country illegally, that’s just if you count the Spanish speaking ones.

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This happened on your watch.

I’m sure you expect whatever political mouthpiece you conjure up votes for to go in and rectify this wrong. You’re just waiting for the “half-breed” and whatever other colorful names you’ve thought to give the current President of the United States of America, to be ousted and someone you can relate to will save the day. It’s either that or get the stockpiles of ammo and lockers full of guns loaded, and hunker down for an all out war with the Government. The South shall rise again! Give me liberty or give me death; don’t tread on me and all that jazz, right?


No matter how many sympathizers you may think you have in the Armed Forces, the Government has more. And you absolutely do not have more guns. We know large armies aren’t the reason for victories; it’s the resolve of the people who fight. I’ll be arrogant enough to say that you don’t even have that. And before you take it there, may I please remind you of the Civil War; the Rebels lost that one. As for the Revolutionary War, where a ragtag bunch of Minute Men defeated the greatest military might at the time, we had a lot of help from France, some Native American tribes (despite that Boston Tea Party business), and Black slaves who were promised freedom. Who’s going to help you now? You’d be tagged, bagged, and shipped before the President put his socks on.

Your mistake was pontificating four centuries of incomplete and sometimes false American history. I know the victors get the spoils so they get to tell the story, and they have. You, unfortunately, think you’re the victor. Wake up time people: you’re nothing more than the niggers you think you are so far above. Have you ever heard of the educated and the industrial elite? You work for them just like everybody else. You don’t move in their decision-making circles, you don’t attend their life defining meetings. If we were sitting on a chessboard we’d be side-by-side, right on the frontline for you too, dear ignoramuses, are fodder.

Let us refer to that Confederate flag you love so much, be ye Northern or Southern born bigot. I charge you to name a slave ship that sailed with the stars and bars high atop its mast. You won’t find one because the Confederacy wasn’t part of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. They profited from it but someone else made a bigger profit. That’s not to say there weren’t elite tobacco and cotton families who represented the stars and bars. But the ones who continue to pull strings today, made money from the Civil War – on the Northern and Southern side of the demarcation line. Just remember if the buck don’t stop with you, you ain’t The Man.

And you guys ain’t The Man. You were thorough with your assistance in making sure that Blacks in this country felt they ain’t The Man either. Twenty white students with average grades get in an Ivy League College on a scholarship and it’s a scholarship, which they deserved to get. Five Black students with average grades get in the same Ivy League college and it’s an unfair quota system that is a lost opportunity for more white students to get in college.

And people believe that crap!

Your PR campaigns have been tremendously successful, because there will always be a second look, second guess, or question of the competency, no matter how experienced one may be, of Black people in this country. In fact, you were so successful at it you made yourself obsolete. Why is the KKK needed to kill Black people or keep them in line when the police and well, Black people, are doing a much better job?

And as you focus on that: the rising High School drop out rate of Blacks, soaring cases

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of Diabetes, AIDS, HIV, and hypertension in the Black community and the skyrocketing homicide numbers in the inner-city (read Black), I would ask that you take a look in your own backyard. Your family structure is falling apart as more white females are becoming single moms. You have incredible numbers of Diabetes cases when this wasn’t typically a “white disease”. How is this for irony? There are a lot more white kids into Li’l Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, and “The Hood” than there are into Adolf Hitler. And no matter how hard you’ve tried, you can’t keep white women from being with Black men, casual sex, dating, marriage or otherwise.

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As you grow older and I see cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s show their ugly faces, Black women of the West Indies are your caregivers and nurses. When you’re in the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 Mexican women take care of your children. And as your children enter colleges across the country taking majors like Horticulture 101, Law (because there’s a shortage of lawyers), Liberal Arts, Finger painting Dynamics, and Business Management, Asian kids are becoming Engineers, Computer Scientists, Rocket Scientists, Mathematicians, Medical Researchers and Doctors. When you march the streets or have Town Hall meetings about Blacks moving into your quaint Little House on the Prairie Main Street neighborhoods, I smile when I notice how more and more of those towns look like a little slice of Colombia or a small pocket of Mexico. You might have something rude to say to the Spanish speaking busboy now but he’s making sure his kid goes to a good school, as he saves his money to buy a nice house – right next door to yours. But that’s OK, so long as it ain’t Black people, right?

So learn how to speak Spanish and you can blame the niggers and their Zionist masters in two languages; learn Mandarin and it will be three and respectful. After all, they are buying up this country’s debt.

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Chinks holding America by the short-and-curlies, spics taking care of the children, and niggers taking care of grandma; who woulda thunk it? We were an agricultural industrial juggernaut, reduced to a nation of service providers, getting our collective ass handed to us by the dark hoards. If I had the hood-masks that you guys wear, I’d hide behind them too!

Because all this happened on your watch.


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Ku Klux Klan

    • I most certainly am. I will not be discouraged and I have someone looking at something now so, fingers crossed. Uh, not burning cross, though, can’t have that!

  1. I happen to be white on the outside, but I agree sista! It’s shameful the bigotted opinions that run rampant in our nation. We’re in the twenty first century, but many have a mindset that predates medieval times.

    • Actually, I’d say that they don’t even predate, Sis. Prior to the rampant Imperialist craze, there was intermarrying and mingling of all kinds. Sheesh, the Moors ruled Spain for about 7 centuries and there are Black people in the Russian royal family as well as the British royals too. This separation stuff wasn’t practical with all the wars and skirmishes – marrying into families was strategic.

      Soon as this conquering people because our skin is better than your skin stuff happened well…

      But you know we got each other so aint no thang!

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