I Stand Corrected…

This Ain’t No Damn Retraction! by S.R. Torris

Back in May, I saw a Hallmark commercial that made me emphatically and publicly state that I will NEVER purchase another Hallmark card again. Publicly – you read that blog, didn’t you? I even posted the commercial.

I recently saw this, posted on YouTube:

1. Cut and paste this title into YouTube search: Hallmark Tell Mom Commercial – Full Length

2. Watch the 1 minute and 3 second version of this commercial you’re calling into question.

3. Voila: a black Hallmark Mom!

4. Go troll for something else to boycott.

5. Happy Mother’s Day!

LeftCoastBias44 1 month ago

So I followed steps 1 and 2 – wudduya know, a Black mom!

Now, I am a person that likes to get my facts straight so I tend to do my research. When looking for this Hallmark commercial last month, after seeing the initial 33 second spot on television, there was no minute-three commercial listed. And it certainly wasn’t listed right underneath where I could have watched it and not really bothered with the blog in the first place. I also have back up researchers (OK, one. It’s my stalker and the multifarious nature of my stalker would not have allowed me to “go out like that”, as it were) that would have picked-up on that minute-three spot in a heartbeat.

The fact is, many corporations take for granted women of color (from hair care to Hallmark) will buy their product or they don’t care if they do, so why try and woo? Why advertise? If we have to drop 30secs of our commercial for television, why not cut the Black chick?

And seeing as how corporations are people now, as deemed by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, I’m probably hurting someone’s “feelings”. I don’t care, I’m still not buying Hallmark cards.

What troubles me is LeftCoastBias44 felt this was something people were “trolling”. Given my recent understanding of the practice of trolling, I find it disturbing that legitimate observation can be dismissed as trolling so people won’t have to engage in simple intelligent dialogue. Of course, I could be wrong and those women who were as disgusted as I was decided to make a mountain out of misunderstood molehill. Maybe that was it and should beg forgiveness of the personage that is Hallmark and all will be right with the world.

I could, except for one thing, this ain’t no damn retraction!


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