Why I Will NEVER Buy Another Hallmark Card Again

by S.R. Torris

The commercial below, have you seen it?

It’s a Mother’s Day commercial. Sensitive and loving “Moms” imploring that you tell them how, as your Mom, they have impacted your life. Of course, a Mom would never ask you to do this as they are martyrs of the most magnificent type – suffering in silence so that their children will one day grow up and change the world. Or a more “Motherly” goal, their children grow up healthy and happy. And it’s all because of the love and hard work that only a Mom can do.

What better way to illustrate your acknowledgment than by presenting your SuperMom a freshly pressed, touching and beautiful Hallmark card? Well, that’s what Hallmark thinks. And judging by their commercial, SuperMom status is reserved for American white women.

If you’re sick and need to be told you’ll be alright, if you are feeling very ugly and need someone to tell you that you’re beautiful, if you want to get laid in an extra special way on Valentine’s Day but don’t have the words, Hallmark is the card company for you – ALL of you. But for those special moments with Mom, that can only be expressed with, uh, ahem – a card…

No Blacks, anything resembling Blacks, Asians, or brown flavored individuals allowed! By order and decree of the Hallmark Intimate Moments and Feelings Department!

In the first few moments of the commercial, I really didn’t care. I chalked it up to yet another example of the Madison Avenue suits and advertisers in general taking for granted they can get money from people of color if they flash colorful and shiny stuff in their direction. Or if white people buy it, eventually the hoard will too OR they won’t buy this item so don’t waste your time advertising to them. I added Hallmark to my mental list as one of the companies I don’t have to spend my money with.

What solidified my decision was 00:18 in this commercial. Wow! A white Single-Mom. Give that lady a Hallmark card because she’s doing it all alone; boy is she courageous!

I know Grenadian Single-Moms, Dominican Single-Moms, Jamaican Single-Moms, Columbian, Puerto Rican, African-American Single-Moms – all kinds of Single-Moms; do you know what they get? Vilified. Just as nationally as this syrupy sweet, absent of any women of color, commercial. Do they get portrayed as the heroines they are, raising good children who want to contribute to society? Of course not. They are whores – drug addled whores, who only wish to have more children so they can receive welfare and leech the system. But not the white Single-Mom, oh no, you get that woman a Hallmark card and FAST!

Father’s Day will be coming up soon and I promise you folks, I won’t write another blog like this talking about the lack of men of color in their commercials. Really, I promise – no more Hallmark for me.

Besides, everyone knows there haven’t been any African-American fathers since Bill Cosby! It’s true. African-American women go deep into the projects on the roof of a building, lay basketball sized eggs and nine-months later: suspects, rappers, athletes, nurses, or the occasional doctor comes out. But mostly suspects.

But that doesn’t mean a suspect can’t give his Mom a Hallmark card.


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