You know, I’ve heard that people usually give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the 5th or 6th month. The reason is because they keep everything vague and/or general and they may mention something when asked by a friend or co-worker. In order to stay on it, you’re supposed to tell family AND friends AND whoever else will get on your nerves. Not to mention, you’re supposed to be more specific when constructing resolutions.

So here’s what I’ma do: I’m telling youse guys. There will be more blogging in this here part of the world. I’m looking have something up at LEAST once a week. Eh? Eeehhhh? Juices flowing and what not. Then of course, the 2nd in my trilogy that is “The Conductor” will be started this month and we’ll see where THAT adventure takes me. Of course I could stand to shed a few el beez, fat f*cker that I am (oh yeah, the foul language, lemme try and cut that down for the kiddies) but I’m not going to stress out over that. And last, no not world peace and be good to people – I said I’d cut down my cussin for crying out loud, I’m going to get some books in this year. Now, whether or not they’ll be good ones, I’ll have to let you know.

So folks, you’ll hold me to this won’t you? Make sure I stay on it? Yeah, sure you will.

See ya in 6 months…


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