Just asking, because it’s National Novel Writing Month this November and I’ve been working on being a part of that 50K words club. Yes, some maniacal genius came up with the idea to run a mental marathon, travel through the recesses of our minds and write down what we find there – in 30 days!

You know there are going to be some of us who’ll get pretty cranky, some agitated, and there are those who will be down right mean – after all coffee, Hot Pockets, and Red Bull aren’t exactly in that food pyramid thing. Or is it a wheel now? Triangle…?

Anyhoo, I figure I’ll do something nice, as I’m sure my temperament will be anything but as the month progresses – staring at a computer screen with only 1500 words and that blinky line that won’t move because my fingers aren’t and mind is in serious darkness!

So for the rest of this month I offer up words I’ve already written (way more than 50K!): my first novel, “Forever Mine”, and “The Conductor: Exodus”. These two soon-to-be-you’re-gonna-make-them-classics are now available for your downloading pleasure for TWO WHOLE BUCKS! That’s right, if you have $2.00, technically $4.00 if you purchase them both, and a computer or one of the many variations of tablets, you can download either one for $2. Go on, click the images and enter worlds of adventure – did I mention for $2.00?

“Forever Mine” is action packed and has been described as a cross between “Xena Warrior Princess” and “Mad Max” by one satisfied reader – plus it’s a love story.

And “The Conductor: Exodus” has manipulative villains, awesome witches, a Chrysler 300, British accents, and I promise you, some kickass vampires.

Paperbacks are still available at

Happy reading!


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