OK, Yeah I Have One Too!

Count Dracula as portrayed by actor Bela Lugosi (I don't own this image)


How old were you when you saw your first vampire? If your answer is 12 or 14 or even 16, you get your ass off my blog before I tell your Mommy! If you know who Bela Lugosi is, or le vampyre Lestat, then by all means stay.

I was talking Bela Lugosi a moment ago. His campy portrayal of the hypnotic Count Dracula is classic. His piercing eyes, extra pierce added by Hollywood lighting magic and old grainy black-and-white film, his thick Hungarian accent declaring, “I vant to suck your blood!” and his jet black hair slicked back with extra slick, made for some good times while watching those old movies. If you had a big imagination, I’m talking HUGE; a kid could be scared a little bit. Just a little bit…

With the crush of vampires on the big screen, the little screen, at your local bookstore, Kindle, knick, knack, or Nook you’d think that vampires are the hot new thing sweeping the world off it’s feet one blood drop at a time. But they aren’t.

People have been telling tales about vampires since Vlad “The Impaler” (cool wrestling name) so you’re talking at least the 1400’s here. Then you have that cheesy silent film but with cool camera and lighting for its time, “Nosferatu”, done in the 1920’s – people are still writing, filming, and talking about vampires today. The love (or hate) never died.

And yes, I’m adding my two-cents to the vampire tale collective.

I love Anne Rice, and Bram Stoker, what can you say about the guy? He’s the one who started it all. I may not be as heavy as my predecessors but I’m NOT the teen-angst-let’s-form-cliques-so-we-can-be-mean-girls-too-the-unhot-chick-gets-the-guy-and-the-cheerleader-doesn’t-and-everybody-wants-the-unhot-girl-oh-why-can’t-I-have-her kind of author either. You can say I’m close to the movie “Blade” or more like “Underworld”. Look folks, Blade kicks ass, Selene kicks ass and you have to know this about me: I am a huge proponent of some good old-fashioned, beautiful looking, ass kickation. I know, not a word; just made it up – feel free to use it. You’re welcome.

The edits to my story are coming along; just as I think I have one thing solved I discover something else. Damn you, Stephen King and your book about writing!

I ask that you give my tale a chance to become a part of the ever expanding and rich history of the vampire.

Whether they be Rock Stars, broody spoiled centuries old teenagers, or spawn of the Devil himself, let’s do what we can to keep vampires alive. All I know is, I’m not sticking my neck out! Ha HAH! Get it? I’m not – OK, sorry I went too far… But it was funny how I put that little bit, “sticking my neck out” that was… Sorry.




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