First Novel Published…

front cover for"Forever Mine" by S.R. Torris

The War ended in 2020AD but the fighting continued long after, dividing the world into nomadic clans trying to survive.

Khyra was born of this chaos.

She knows nothing of the time before – a time without the constant threat of danger…

It isn’t until 9-year-old Khyra falls in an icy lake and is rescued by the enigmatic “Black Ghost” that she begins to get a sense of what a stable home can be. As she grows so do her experiences and Khyra realizes she wants more than an existence of survival, she wants love.

Her journey spans over a decade, dodging bullets, avoiding Raiders, and keeping away from the World Army Police – almost becoming as mysterious as her rescuer.

When the Government threatens to eliminate anarchy across the land, Khyra won’t stick around to see what suffers at the expense of having order – especially if it’s love.

“It’s like a cross between Mad Max and Xena Warrior Princess!” -Reader

The “Reader” quote is a real one. I heard him talking about it (OK, so I was eavesdropping) to a friend who lent him the book. It was good to hear especially since this is the first book I’ve published and, for better or worse, it won’t be the last! Check it out, enjoy it, and most of all leave your comments… Every little bit helps!

Thanks, folks.

Find “Forever Mine” by S.R. Torris at:


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