About Me


Of all the things in the world I thought I would be a writer wasn’t one of them. Dead broke wasn’t either but…

OK, perhaps writer could be placed on the list; I was the dialogue behind some legendary comic storylines – at a newspaper. In a small University, that has since become a college (apparently there’s a difference) whose campus I haven’t set foot on in two years.

“Only two years?” you might say.

Given that I’d worked there for over a decade and the place was my home-away-from-home, prior to my unceremonious dismissal, two years is a big deal. And when Stat Quo shows its fickle side, you find out very quickly who your real friends are.

Blame it all on the Financial Crisis of 2008! I can’t. The writing was on the wall a long time before I chose to acknowledge it. If I cast blame then I’ll have to credit the ones I blame, so I’ll point the finger at myself and enjoy the ride with those who shall remain blameless.

I don’t know what compelled me to write “Forever Mine”, I’m not even a big romance book reader. Circumstances surrounding its creation weren’t ideal – I was languishing in bed having the ultimate pity party and then – BAM!

Contrary to popular belief, inspiration is a grand currency. One day, I’m a pitiful mess, the ultimate candidate for the Hall of Low Head Hangers and the next, I’m self-publishing my first novel about two lesbian chicks kicking ass in post apocalypticAmerica. You know, the kind of stuff Grandma can enjoy!

My writing journey is a continued learning process that will result in a few mistakes we can all learn from. In the meantime, submitted for your approval, will be short stories and a few ideas I got swirling, so feel free to tell me what you think. Constructive criticism will of course be taken for what it’s worth but purulent, wicked, hate-filled snarkiness will not be tolerated! Unless it’s funny, in which case my predetermined response is, “Yo Mamma!”

I am the elusive S.R. Torris and I welcome you to share my air…